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NLP 10 STEP ACTION PLAN for Emotional Freedom

NLP 10 STEP ACTION PLAN for Emotional Mastery

If there was only one NLP strategy I could offer you, it would be this!

This strategy is great for taking difficult, negative emotional responses/behaviour/habits that you struggle to overcome and running them through this 10 step process for reaching the best outcome.

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  1. Accept and RECOGNISE/IDENTIFY the feeling.
    Ie. Don’t invalidate, deny or try to avoid accepting how your feeling.
  2. Respect and appreciate it as an ACTION SIGNAL with a positive purpose to serve you – which offers you something to learn from or to change:
    • The way you’re thinking/perceiving or
    • Your communication procedures, actions or behaviour or
    • Your physiology (e.g. low energy, health issues)
  3. Be CURIOUS and EVALUATE what to do – begin with Dua
  4.  Decide what OUTCOME OR RESULT you want
    Ask – What do I want it for, what’s my true intention, when and with whom?
  5. Consider what will you accept as EVIDENCE that you’ve achieved this result – what would you be doing, seeing, hearing, saying & feeling?
  6. What RESOURCES do you need – skill (quality, behaviour), belief, value, time, knowledge, role model, advice/support (personal/professional), money, place etc
  7.  What are possible OBSTACLES that could prevent you from obtaining this result and what are possible SOLUTIONS? Do you need to set another outcome?
  8. FUTURE MENTAL REHEARSAL – test your outcome – imagine seeing yourself achieving your outcome in a future time/context, with your above new insights/approach.
    • Make it bright, life like, 3D, full colour….what are you saying, doing, thinking….
    • Now step into the picture – feel the feelings, looking through your own eyes, speaking as you desire, edit it until it feels, seems and sounds right to you (Set up a schedule to do this often, continuing to refine the process, so it becomes more realistic, achievable and possible)
  9. REASSURE yourself and feel confident about achieving your result
  10. PLANNING – record your action items, solutions, due dates for anything needed to achieve your result

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With Peace and Best Wishes,
Aisha Meguid