RISE Series

Life Matters has been producing videos to showcase the amazingly inspirational stories of Muslim women role models in our community
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Community Based Workshops

Life Matters Academy runs regular community based workshops where profits benefit good causes. In August 12th 2017 we are organising a “Mental Health” workshop by Dr Ghassan Tatari where all profits will be going towards “Hayat Muslim Crisis helpline”. For more information or to register please go to

Fundraising Dinner

Life Matters hosted a Fundraising dinner for women to help our brothers and sisters in Syria, unite our sisters from different organisation, educate and raise awareness on how we can change the state of the Ummah

Ramadan Charity Fundraising Drive

Sr Dalya Ayoub organised for the second year a fundraiser in the last 10 days of Ramadan to encourage charity giving and sent funds of a total of $87,000 through Mahboba’s Promise, Muslim Aid Australia, Islamic Relief and Human Appeal.

Islamaphobia Community Talk

On 11th June 2017 Life Matters organised a safe space with a panel of guest speakers and community leaders for sisters to talk about Islamophobia and how we can best react to the attacks often done in the name of Islam

Pre Ramadan Parties!

Life Matters runs annual girls pre-Ramadan parties to prepare and excite the children for Ramadan

Quran: Cover to Cover

For the first time in Australia, Life Matters ran a 12 month course that covered the tafsir (interpretation and explaining) of the noble Quran from Al- Fatiha till Al-Nas chapter!
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