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Basmah Abdul Qader is an Islamic female scholar and a counsellor with more than 25 years’ experience in teaching, preaching, and researching in the field of Islamic law.

She has also training in the field of psychology with a focus on Psychoanalytic therapy, Group therapy and Person-centred therapy. She obtained bachelor degree of Islamic jurisprudence from Kuwait University, Masters of Islamic jurisprudence from Madina International University and a Postgraduate degree in Counselling and psychotherapy from Australian College of Applied Psychology.

As a female scholar Sh. Basmah spent more than 25 years in teaching at different Islamic schools and colleges in Sydney and overseas, preaching, and researching in the field of Islamic law. Her great passion was bringing healing to people who have been through traumatic experiences and to help them find salvation in their faith. She believes that her Islamic knowledge together with psychological theories and modalities enabled her to inspire change in the lives of many people.

Sh. Basmah was known for her Islamic circles in different areas of Islamic knowledge like Islamic doctrine, Tajweed, Tafseer, Ibadat, Seerah and ahadeeth. She used to volunteer at different non-profitable organisations and Mosques in Sydney.

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Counsellor, Basmah Abdul Qader provides services in:

  • Depression and anxiety
  • Grief counselling
  • Anger management counselling
  • Domestic violence counselling
  • Addiction problems (Alcohol or other drugs counselling)
  • Parenting counselling
  • Family and relationship counselling
  • Stress management counselling
  • Substance abuse counselling
  • Self-care of carers of special needs children or adults


  • Assisting individuals to:
    • Manage stress and conflict at home and work. Deal with grief, loss and trauma. Overcome feelings of depression, anxiety and fear. Increase self-esteem and confidence. Enhance personal relationships. Deal with problems related to alcohol and drug use. Manage chronic pain related to somatization. Manage depression. Recover from eating disorders. Manage obsessions and compulsions. Deal with sexual concerns. Manage anger or violence.
  • Assisting couples to:
    • Build satisfying relationships. Improve their communication. Manage conflict or disagreement. Enhance sexual adjustment. Resolve thoughts on separation or divorce. Improve parenting skills
  • Assisting families to:
    • Improve difficult relationships. Handle problematic situations. Work together on issues or problems. Cope with separation, divorce or re-marriage. Deal with problems often experienced in blended families.
  • Group counselling in different topics including spiritual areas like:
  • Spirituality (salah mindfulness therapy)
  • Self-image and identity as a Muslim woman
  • Islamic approach to grief therapy
  • A prophetic approach of Self-control and anger management
  • Islamic approach to addiction problems (smoking, binge eating )

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