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Aisha Meguid (Certified NLP Life Coach & NLP Practitioner & Trainer 2003, B.A Degree Syd. Univ. 1994, Grad. Dip. Education 1996)

Aisha is passionate about empowering women & youth to easily & effectively manage, balance and lead any area of their life successfully. Her NLP Life Coaching sessions focus on helping you achieve the improvements, goals and results you want in your life, by guiding you in developing the necessary psychological, emotional, behavioural, social or spiritual self-improvements and changes that are needed. She uses the most effective and proven strategies, including Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) combined with her  many years of various Islamic/spiritual studies, to deal with a range of specific areas in life you wish to massively improve or change. Read Aisha’s Bio here

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Aisha can be contacted at: or call 0433 443 285 or  complete our life coaching enquiry form below.


  • The most advanced, modern and proven coaching methods.
  • Breakthroughs and lasting solutions to your challenges.
  • Massive personal growth & greater life fulfilment.
  • Ability to take focused action immediately.
  • Momentum and support facilitates getting your desired results.

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Life Success NLP Coach, Aisha Meguid provides services in:

  • Eliminate potential problems & difficulties that come from unsuccessful communication and misunderstandings.
  • Transform your ability to positively influence others, gain mutual co-operation, understanding and harmony in relationships.
  • Develop effective language habits and communication skills to powerfully improve the quality of your thinking patterns, responses, actions, character, qualities, emotional and mental states, habits and more.
  • Be able to connect more positively in different ways with others, achieve greater rapport and massively improve the quality of your personal and/or professional relationships.
  • Learn what the different human communication systems are by exploring NLP’s communication & language models.
  • Understand how your language and communication systems & preferences creates your every experience and outcome in life.
  • Expand your perceptual abilities, sensory acuity, listening skills, self-awareness & self-understanding.
  • Be able to communicate more effectively in many different or challenging situations.
  • Be able to think on different logical & creative levels and handle problems, change or complexity more effectively and more…

Program/Workshop Facilitator & NLP Life Coach: Aisha Meguid

  • Replace negative self-beliefs, thinking & habits with positive self-beliefs, thinking & habits that foster excellence, empower you, and produce greater results towards your goals.
  • Learn how to easily break paralyzing or painful emotional or mental patterns or habits, such as: Low self-confidence, anger, sadness, fears, guilt, stress, excessive worry, negative thinking and others.
  • Learn how to improve the strength of your positive emotional and mental habits for life, such as: Self-confidence, self-esteem, self-motivation, positive self-image, self-control, self-discipline, resiliency, calmness under pressure, relaxation, greater focus ability, positivity and many others.
  • Develop greater personal wholeness & inner congruency, eliminate the effect of negative past experiences and more.

Program/Workshop Facilitator & NLP Life Coach: Aisha Meguid

  • Develop & achieve your unique life mission, purpose and vision for your life
  • Create a road map for developing and achieving your life-time goals & dreams (for any area of your life)
  • Learn the most effective time management strategies & skills

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