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Dalya Ayoub  (B.A degree. Univ. Auckland 2005, Management Cert., Victoria Univ 2009, Certified Life Coach & Neuro Linguistic Programming Trainer 2010, Islamic Studies Masters CSU 2015)

Dalya is passionate about helping women reclaim their God-given rights and powers for themselves and others.  Her Life Coaching sessions focus on re-aligning women with their top values and beliefs; using effective and proven strategies to deal with their challenges. Her key coaching areas are in marriage (including pre-marriage coaching), parenting, time management and goal setting for life.  Read Dalya’s Bio here

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  • The most advanced, modern and proven coaching methods within an Islamic perspective.
  • Breakthroughs and lasting solutions to your challenges.
  • Massive personal growth & greater life fulfilment.
  • Ability to take focused action immediately.
  • Momentum and support facilitates getting your desired results.

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Life Success Coach, DALYA AYOUB provides services in:


  • Parenting yourself through your children for outstanding parenting
  • Time management for productive parents
  • The art of motivating kids
  • Family mission, goals and code of conduct for a successful home.
  • Tarbiyyah methods for raising children
  • Dealing with your child’s feelings, cognitions and behaviour
  • Emotional coaching with your child
  • Strengthening the parent- child relationship for life
  • Strategies for discipline and behaviour management


  • Family in Islam & empowering the soul of your home: you!
  • Parenting toolbox for parenting success.
  • Top parenting strategies to raise pious, balanced and good leaders.
  • Family’s logistics & weekly planning to meet your values & vision.
  • Relationship Mastery
  • The art of communication
  • The secrets of marriage success
  • Foundations of a successful marriage from an Islamic Perspective
  • Conflict management
  • Strategies for cultivating deep relationships
  • Understanding love strategies for fulfilling relationships
  • The Fiqh and physiology of intimacy.
  • The 3 C’s of intimacy.

Pre-marriage coaching for engaged couples to:

  • Marriage goal setting for your future life together
  • Planning for the foundations of a successful marriage
  • Discussing the values of each spouse
  • Conflict resolution strategies and more
  • Understanding time in the Quran & Sunnah.
  • Time management strategies for productivity.
  • Ending procrastination
  • Planning your day, week, month and year
  • Time mastery strategies for setting achieving goals
  • Life coaching tools and models for life planning
  • The characteristics of the nafs (egoistic self) in Islam and in the personal development discipline.
  • Developing a master plan & strategies to discipline and overcome your own nafs
  • The relationship between the heart, tongue, mind and the self
  • The doctrines of peak performance for daily routine
  • Keys to achieving al-nafs al mutmainnah (The self at peace)

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