Life Matters Community

Welcome to Life Matters Community

We are happy to announce that a branch of Life Matters Academy & our new partner is now officially a not-for-profit organisation.

Why?! Because we realised that since we launched in 2015; more than 50% of what we’ve been doing has been not for profit and will now be offered solely through Life Matters Community:

✔️ Weekly Empowerment Circles/Halaqahs
✔️ Community Forums for Women
✔️ Personal Growth Education through various platforms and speaking engagements
✔️ Women support groups
✔️ Ramadan programs
✔️ Qiam nights
✔️ Eid celebration parties
✔️ Various women’s gatherings
✔️ Women’s Educational & Personal Development Video series
✔️ Personal Development Seminars and more…

‘Life Matters Community Inc’ will offer these above essential community well-being services!

‘Life Matters Academy’ on the other hand, will be solely – 1-1 coaching/counselling, workshops, seminars, retreats.

Our 2019 goals include new Youth Empowerment Community Projects 


Our vision is to become a community trusted and beneficial personal growth and development solutions provider. We strive to offer services and programs benefiting all Australians from a diverse range of backgrounds and being easily accessible to all people and communities. Our services facilitate betterment and positive life changes to achieve higher levels of positive well-being and excellence in individual community members – mental, emotional, cultural, communal, spiritual and social life.


Ultimately, our mission is to inspire growth and change in the lives of all our community members and make personal development accessible to those who are seeking a life of purpose, peace, excellence and fulfilment. We aim to equip our participants with meaningful knowledge, understanding and strategies to ensure positive results. We truly believe that personal growth and development knowledge and skills is an integral part of being a better, more productive individual and community member and in achieving inner and social harmony and unity.


  • Service to God & our multicultural community
  • Trustworthiness
  • Harmony & Unity
  • Growth & Empowerment
  • Love & Compassion


  • We treat all people with the highest value & respect
  • We are leaders in practising our values
  • We engage and contribute to the diverse holistic well-being of members of the community
  • We pursue excellence in our services
  • We inspire others to live a life of excellence in all areas of their life
  • We constantly listen, learn and improve