Communication Mastery – NLP Personal Training

Communication problems waste time, energy and your life. Having highly effective language & communication skills is vital for your long-term growth and life success.

There are many apparent ways for people to struggle but lack of highly effective communication skills is usually at the core of the issue. Don’t let your life be a victim of poor communication.

Our Communication Mastery – NLP Training will improve your ability to communicate highly effectively within the different areas of your life – with yourself, your family, your workplace, in new or challenging situations and more .

Communication problems in any area of your life can lead to:

  • Struggles to achieve positive results
  • Time and energy wasted
  • Lower quality in relationships
  • Lower satisfaction
  • Poor personal performance, inefficiency and set-backs
  • Conflicts, distrust, low morale
  • Unpleasant environments and more

Do you experience these communication difficulties or issues:

  • Understanding other people’s communication styles & behaviours
  • Developing highly co-operative, harmonious or productive relationships
  • Addressing or resolving communication problems effectively
  • Disagreements not managed effectively
  • Confusion from matters not communicated in a way that others understand
  • Listening skills, discounting each other
  • Culture differences or different ages creating communication barriers


  Develop highly effective communication and language skills for your life growth and success.
  Create greater productive relationships
  Create rapport easily with others
  Understand other people’s communication styles & behaviours
  Communicate persuasively to different people
  Create positive change using effective communication models
  Communicate ideas more effectively
  Think on different logical, lateral & creative levels
  Resolve or eliminate conflicts caused by miscommunication
  Expand your perceptual abilities, thinking capabilities, sensory acuity and listening skills.
  Negotiate win-win solutions with others…and much more!

With highly effective communication & harmonious environments, everybody succeeds to make life successful.

Date: Every Saturday for 5 weeks, 3rd Nov to 1st Dec 2018
Time: 10am to 3pm
Venue: Life Matters Academy, Bankstown
Trainer: Aisha Meguid  (B.A Degree, Grad Dip Education, Certified NLP Practitioner & Trainer) (Learn more about Aisha)
Investment: Only $200 per week  x 5 weeks (easy weekly instalments option) * Note: This course normally retails for thousands!!
*Includes: comprehensive training manual, certificates, refreshments, tea/coffee, post course support and more!

What our participants say:

“The NLP sessions are professionally run with highly developed content. Aisha has great leadership, people skills and is empathetic. She explains step by step procedures to help pinpoint and overcome challenges in our lives. I have accomplished so much more in my personal and professional relationships and businesses. Very empowering and definitely a game changer”
~ Anisa, Business Manager, Education

“NLP is a life changing course. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to understand others better, improve their communication skills, get rid of bad habits and adopt new beneficial ones.” Rouba, Pharmacist