Performance Mastery NLP Training

Learn to master your mental, emotional, social and spiritual habits and use them for your life’s growth & success!

Our Performance Mastery – NLP Training can teach you the secret to excelling in their your daily performance so you can lead a successful and fulfilling life.

People with effective habits – mentally, socially, emotionally and spiritually reach their highest potential but bad, ineffective habits cause self-defeating, unproductive and inefficient behaviours affecting yours and others life results.

Performance problems can lead to:

  • Slow growth in your personal life (mental, emotional, social, spiritual life)
  • Failure to achieve life results that are important to you
  • Difficulty in resolving problems, as these take a long time to track down
  • Lower quality in life
  • Time and energy wasted

Do you experience these performance difficulties or issues:

  • Ineffective self-management or self-leadership habits
  • Negativity, procrastination or poor time management
  • Problem rather than solution oriented thinking
  • Reactive rather than proactive thinking and behaviours
  • Inability to handle stress well or responsibilities (in certain situations)
  • Low motivation, discipline or initiative
  • Inability to deal with personal issues – effecting performance in other life areas
  • Focus problems or easily distracted


  Develop the performance strategies and habits (mental, emotional or social) to support you and your life.
  Eliminate problematic emotional or mental habits and behaviours that are holding you back in your life.
  Apply more productive time, self-management and self-leadership methods.
  Develop productive habits such as a stronger discipline, self-motivation, decision making, higher thinking and problem-solving ability.
  Master how you handle problems, stress, change or complexity
  Become more focused, effective and efficient .
  Set and achieve goals effectively in any area of life:  deen, relationships, work, health etc.
  Facilitate positive change in yourself and others…and much more!

With highly effective mental, emotional, social and spiritual habits and using them for your success, everyone wins!

Date: Every Saturday for 5 weeks, 1st Sept to 29th Sept 2018
Time: 10am to 3pm
Venue: Life Matters Academy, Bankstown
Trainer: Aisha Meguid  (B.A Degree, Grad Dip Education, Certified NLP Practitioner & Trainer) (Learn more about Aisha)
Investment: Only $200 per week  x 5 weeks (easy weekly instalments option) * Note: This course normally retails for thousands!!
*Includes: comprehensive training manual, certificates, refreshments, tea/coffee, post course support and more!

What our participants say:

“The NLP sessions are professionally run with highly developed content. Aisha has great leadership, people skills and is empathetic. She explains step by step procedures to help pinpoint and overcome challenges in our lives. I have accomplished so much more in my personal and professional relationships and businesses. Very empowering and definitely a game changer”
~ Anisa, Business Manager, Education

“NLP is a life changing course. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to understand others better, improve their communication skills, get rid of bad habits and adopt new beneficial ones.” Rouba, Pharmacist