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Dalya Ayoub

Dalya Ayoub is the founder and CEO of Life Matters Academy; a dream noted in 2010 and realised in 2015. She is a personal development and coaching program consultant, success and relationship Life Coach at Life Matters. She completed a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Political Science and a minor in Linguistics at the University of Auckland in 2005. She graduated with a Certificate in Management from Victoria University in 2009 after completing the Believe-Achieve-Inspire Leadership program (BAILP).

Later in 2010 she became a certified Life Coach through Australia’s leading establishment, The Coaching Institute. She further trained in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Train the Trainers Certification and Relationship and Family Coaching. She completed a Masters in Islamic Studies at Charles Sturt University (2015), writing her thesis on ‘Success from the Islamic perspective’, and hopes to couple this Islamic knowledge with her Life Coaching skills to offer a truly effective and pioneering service to the community.

Dalya has also been conducting Islamic study circles and working with non-for-profit organisations for the last decade. She is regularly invited as a keynote speaker in reputable conferences, schools and organisations around Australia and overseas. Her ultimate hope in her life is to actively participate in and witness the revival of the community & humanity by strengthening family members, especially women.

She believes that the world needs strong, competent, pious, balanced and organised women that utilise the supporting ‘tools’ that Allah swt (God) has blessed them with. Such are the ones who will create this reality, and ultimately achieve success in this life and the Hereafter.


Aisha Meguid

‘‘Personal & Professional Development Skills Training transforms people. It brings about permanent change in attitudes and behaviours, and creates positive outcomes in people’s lives, habits, health, relationships, mindset, emotions, career, finances and more,’ says Aisha Meguid, Learning & Development Manager, Trainer & Coach at Life Matters Academy.

Aisha is passionate about facilitating sustained and lasting change, growth and development in others. Aisha is a highly trained and experienced personal change program facilitator, life coach and trainer. She’s committed to holistic development, helping individuals, businesses or organisations massively improve the way they think, work, interact and live, on all levels.

Her Professional Qualifications include: Bachelor of Arts (University of Sydney, 1993), Graduate Diploma of Education (University Western Sydney, 1995), NLP Practitioner Certificate (Evolve Now Mind Institute, 2002), Graduate Certificate in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) (Inspiritive Education, 2006). NLP is the study of human excellence and communication.

Aisha has passionately devoted the last 10 years to personal  & professional development education and training, the study of human communication, excellence and personal achievement. After her personal development NLP training she began undertaking professional speaking roles and delivering training and coaching sessions.

Aisha is Canadian born, of mixed heritage, and raised in Sydney in a multicultural community. Her cheerful attitude and diverse heritage enable her to connect with people of various cultures, backgrounds and nationalities with ease.


Basmah Abdul Qader

Basmah Abdul Qader is an international Islamic scholar with more than 25 years experience in teaching, preaching, and researching in the field of Islamic law.

She has also training in the field of psychology with a focus on Psychoanalytic therapy, Group therapy, and Person-centred therapy. She obtained a bachelor degree in Islamic jurisprudence from Kuwait University, Masters of Islamic jurisprudence from Madina International University and a Postgraduate degree in Counselling and psychotherapy from Australian College of Applied Psychology.

As a female scholar Sh. Basmah spent more than 25 years in teaching at different Islamic schools and colleges in Sydney and overseas, preaching, and researching in the field of Islamic law. Her great passion was bringing healing to people who have been through traumatic experiences and to help them find salvation in their faith. She believes that her Islamic knowledge together with psychological theories and modalities enabled her to inspire change in the lives of many people. Since 1994, Sh. Basmah was known for her Islamic circles in different areas of Islamic knowledge like Islamic doctrine, Tajweed, Tafseer, Ibadat, Seerah, and ahadeeth. She used to deliver speeches on different occasions for many non-profitable organisations and conferences in Sydney.


  • Anisa Khan – CEO at Chantik Botanika, Natural Health Specialist
  • Safia Marabani – Traditional Chinese Medicine & Prophetic Medicine Specialist
  • Derya Kucukali – Holistic Health Coach
  • Omnia ElMecery – Women’s Psychologist
  • Naima Abdat – Naturopathic Practitioner at Mothering Care

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