Our Vision & Mission

Our Purpose


Welcome to Life Matters Academy, Sydney’s FIRST Life Coaching & Personal Development Training Centre for the Muslim & broader Multicultural community.

Our purpose is to inspire you to achieve excellence in all areas of your life for ultimate success.

Being a successful individual requires the development of a greater sense of self-awareness. We at Life Matters Academy recognise this, and are passionate about working with people of all ages & backgrounds to develop the key skills, attitudes and knowledge they need to prepare for today’s challenges. If you want to attain a higher purpose in life, and are determined to do what it takes to live each day with renewed purpose and fulfilment, then Life Matters Academy is for you!


Our Mission


Ultimately, our mission at Life Matters Academy is to inspire growth and change in the lives of our participants, and make personal development accessible to those who are seeking a life of purpose, excellence and fulfilment. We aim to equip our participants with meaningful knowledge and practical steps to ensure its application. We truly believe that personal growth and development is an integral part of being a better, more productive individual.


Our Vision


Here at Life Matters Academy, our vision is to become the community’s most trusted and beneficial personal mastery, growth and development solutions provider. We envision our workshops & programs benefiting all Australians, and being accessible to all who seek to gain a deeper understanding of themselves, and achieve the positive changes necessary to live their best life.





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