The Last 10 Days of Ramadan

10 Recommendations for the Last 10 of Ramadan

  1. Set gigantic intentions for what you hope to achieve: as we are rewarded for the intention before the action is ever achieved. Now is the time to step up and invest in ones intentions. Include in your intentions to truly attain everlasting taqwa from your fasting, to witness layaltul Qadr and be amongst those who are forgiven and rewarded in it, to become victorious over oneself so Allah Grants us and the Ummah victory, justice and peace in the Ummah, to dwell eternally in Al-firdaus with all our loved ones and to achieve the best of all rewards; the Pleasure ? Reda – of Allah The Almighty.


  1. Make your Salah your foundational (focus) act of worship: where your days activities revolve around it. For example this includes; praying on time, praying the sunnah (which is rewarded as fard in Ramadan! Dont miss it), dua in sujood, thikr after each salah. Make sure also to a have a portion of the night prayer (called Tahajjud or Qiam). Abu Huraira narrated that the Messenger (s)said: Whoever stands (in prayer) in Laylatul Qadr while nourishing his faith with self-evaluation, expecting reward from Allah, will have all of his previous sins forgiven (Bukhari and Muslim).The key word in this hadith is stands; so aim to pray on your feet for as long as you can in tahajjud prayer – yes it may hurt your feet for standing for long; but its the last ten days of Ramadan and we are asking for the best so we need to try and give in our best too. Just remember the prophets feet (pbuh) when your feet hurt ? he (pbuh) was forgiven all his sins yet he used to pray for so long that his feet would swell and bleed from standing in prayer.


  1. Cleans your heart from any negative feelings towards any other person: if someone has hurt you I am certain that they have also healed you in a thousand other ways. Forgive tonight once and for all. This life shall pass and it shall pass with all its people that hurt or harmed us and there is no merit protecting a bitterness that gives ailment to our heart. Particularly because it is difficult to receive forgiveness from Allah if we have unforgiving feelings in our hearts towards another slave of Allah; the two states will struggle to co-exist.


  1. Write a personal powerful dua list: I cannot emphasise the importance of this task as it is an opportunity to be given anything we want and many do not capitalise on it a lot and settle for the minimum due to lack of effort. A list will ensure that nothing is forgotten and repition of the same dua increases the chances of the dua being accepted. Ideally, the best time to heart-read your list is in the last third of the night, before maghrib and in your tahajud prayer as the dua in these times is accepted. Do not forget the most important of all duas in these nights; O Allah, You are pardoning and You love to pardon, so pardon me.’ ” (Allahumma innaka `afuwwun tuhibbul `afwa fa`fu `annee“) – the dua of Lailatul Qadr.


  1. In the upcoming 10 days you must double – if not triple – your efforts in relation to the Quran: so if you were reading a chapter a day, now you should aim to read two, etc. This includes acting by it, reflecting upon it, understanding and recitation. The Quran is the only companion that will stay with you when you heal the footsteps of all your loved companions as they are leaving you when you depart from this world to the everlasting hereafter.


  1. Evaluate yourself: Especially in three essential areas 1. Character (what in my character MUST change?) 2. Habits (what is a bad or lazy habit that has been stopping me from achieving my dreams that I must get rid of) 3. Relationships (what relationships do I need to mend ? or look after more and this is especially towards ones parents and spouse).


  1. Plan for next 12 months: I set my annual goals in the last 10 days of Ramadan and I find this one of the most productive tasks to do ? I do so particularly on the 27th night ? in the hope that it will be layatul Qadr ? written goals are intentions on paper. Imagine how powerful it will be writing an intention in the night of power. It will be as if you have done so for the next 1000 months and the achievement of these goals will undoubtedly be easier, faster and more blessed.


  1. Do not underestimate any good act: get someone a glass of water, say your words with a nicer tone of voice, hug your child, visit a sick person, smile, etc. Increased worship should make you someone nicer! ? if as a result of your increased ibaadah you become a cranky person who others especially in your family circle want to avoid; then reflect about the your acts of worship and whether you are really benefiting from what their purpose is or not.


  1. The tongue: busy yourself with the remembrance of Allah ? think of thikr as the most powerful time filler or spiritual fuel there is in the world. Whenever you are not speaking to someone make sure to fill this silence with remembrance of Allah which has the power to literally outweigh any other acts of worship on the scale of good deeds on judgment day.


  1. Give to charity daily in these last ten nights: if you do so then in sha Allah your charity will fall in lailatul A-Qadr and it will be as if you have given to charity for the next 1000 months. Rememeber that you give to Allah when you give to charity and that you give from the wealth that HE gave you ? whatever you have is not yours but an extension of the property of Allah. So give without fear of decrease because the promise in both the Quran and hadith is that you will get back by many folds what you give in both worlds. We are running a super charity project for these ten days where we ask people to give in an amount daily ? whatever it is – and weve chosen seven different great causes and plan to distribute whatever is raised by Eid equally amongst them in sha Allah ? please join our 10 day lailatul Qadr charity club and reap rewards from numerous causes in sha Allah (Facebook event page)



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