My Ramadan Reflections at Life Matters

My Ramadan Reflections at Life Matters

Post Ramadan thoughts by Aisha Meguid


Ramadan this year at Life Matters Academy was amazing alhamdulilah!


During Ramadan this year; we had four professional speakers talk about specific topic areas that we wanted to offer the community to help enhance the way we think about, experience and benefit from Ramadan and fasting.


In this 4 week master class series; we had Sr Safiya (Health/Healing Coach) as our first speaker who spoke about ‘Prophetic Medicine’. She shared excellent ways we can boost our energy in Ramadan and for our health. In the second week, Sr Omnia (Women’s Psychologist) spoke about the power of the mind and how we can use our mind to get us closer to Allah (swt). On the third week; I spoke about ‘Prophetic Living’ from an NLP perspective, highlighting how we can develop more of the mindset and characteristics of the Prophet (pbuh) and on the last week Sr Dalya spoke about the nafs at peace; highlighting how we can we use Ramadan to purify and ascend our nafs to the highest of states.


We had a full house each Monday and alhamdulilah the ladies loved it, the feedback was very positive. May Allah accept it from everyone involved.


We also had a big iftar where we invited our sisters to join us for a Ramadan night- we had an inspirational program where sisters shared their highlights, we prayed taraweeh together, talked about our goals. It was very inspiring hearing how everyone was experiencing Ramadan and setting and achieving their Ramadan goals. One segment that really stood out for me and left a huge impact on my heart was Sr Ibtehaj’s talk about her personal story and how she overcame her big challenges in life; an example of perseverance and strength mashaAllah!


In the last 10 nights, we had 2 spiritually uplifting qiam nights; its rare for women to have this type of environment with other sisters and alhamdulilah we were blessed to have this opportunity. Sr Rasha lead our taraweeh prayers in the first segment and it was like one of those experiences I wished it would last forever- her Quran recitation was very beautiful mashallah. Sr Basmah was our leader in the second (full night qiam till after fajr) and her knowledge in Quran and tafsir was very deeply inspiring!


I honestly think this was one of my best Ramadans to date for me; the talks we had, the connection we had with sisters and bonding, the closeness I felt to ALLAH (SWT) alhamdulilah!


One of the best ways we can evaluate Ramadan is to reflect on what we are doing now and how it has affected us afterwards. The continuation of the spiritual improvement is essential.


These are my top 3 tips that I aim to apply on myself that will help me achieve this inshallah:


  1. Whatever you were happy about in terms of your progress in Ramadan; make that your continued goal even if you’ve lapsed- as its still fresh in your mind, build on and continue what left an impact on you.
  2. Choose a new small goal that you can do for 15-20 minutes a day that will directly bring you closer in your awareness and knowledge of Allah (swt)
  3. Think of an action you can take that is related to the character of the Prophet (pbuh) that by making this a weekly habit overtime will transform you by next Ramadan. We tend to focus on acts of worship (outward like salah, fasting, etc) but the inward goals like a specific prophetic character development should never be overlooked and always primary – as the inner self will always mirror itself on our outerself.

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