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Grow your organisation’s success, by helping your staff develop outstanding communication, personal development and leadership skills.

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NLP Training Certificate I
The key to your organisations success

Having staff with highly effective communication & language skills is vital for your long-term organisational success.

Workplace communication problems waste time, money and productivity. Having staff with highly effective language & communication skills is vital for your long-term organisation’s success…

NLP Training Certificate II
The key to your organisations success

Having staff who excel in their social, mental and emotional performance accelerates your organisations’ growth!

Don’t let your employees’ performance & habits lead to poor business results! By developing better performance ability, you’ll help them excel in becoming more focused, effective, productive and efficient…

Meet your Training Facilitator:
Aisha Meguid

(Learning & Development Trainer , Certified NLP Practitioner & Trainer)

Thank you for the opportunity to introduce our NLP professional development training programs!

I look forward to welcoming your organisation to our NLP training and supporting your staff and organisation in growing to new heights and achieving its full potential.

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NLP Communication and Performance Mastery Training will give you and your team the mindtools to:

NLP Success Mastery Training gives your staff the mindtools to:

Apply strategies for excelling in self-management, self-leadership and personal excellence.
Boost members ability to contribute to your organisation’s growth and success.
Make rapid and lasting improvements in your staff’s performance, results, habits, ability to think, act and communicate.
Apply ideas, processes & strategies of NLP to support change, growth and development in any context.
Generate highly effective solutions to everyday business issues…and much more!

What our clients say:

“The NLP sessions are professionally run with highly developed content. Aisha has great leadership, people skills and is empathetic. She explains step by step procedures to help pinpoint and overcome challenges in our lives. I have accomplished so much more in my personal and professional relationships and businesses. Very empowering and definitely a game changer”
~ Anisa, Business Manager, Education

“NLP is a life changing course. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to understand others better, improve their communication skills, get rid of bad habits and adopt new beneficial ones.” Rouba, Pharmacist

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